How to get free entries for sharing a giveaway

Learn how to earn free entries by promoting a raffle or sweepstakes fundraiser.

If sharing rewards is enabled on a raffle or sweepstakes fundraiser, supporters can earn free entries for sharing the fundraiser on social media. Supporters may also earn additional free entries when friends and family use their shared link to purchase entries into the giveaway. 

How to become a supporter

  1. After making a donation, this box will appear on your confirmation page.


2. Click SIGN UP and create an account.
3. You will be taken to your promoter dashboard. Follow the instructions and use your sharing link to earn free entries.


Good to know

  • You can also track your progress to see how many bonus entries you have earned into the drawing and how many friends used your link to purchase entries from your dashboard.
  • The dashboard will often take a few minutes to update once you have earned free entries. If you think you are missing some entries that should have been posted, consider waiting a few minutes and refreshing the page. 
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