How to resend registration emails to participants on your experience

Find out how to resend registration emails to all or selected experience participants.

When you manually add or import members to your experience, you can send them an email to let them know they’re registered. This email will include a link to the member’s personal fundraising page and instructions for accessing their participant dashboard.

Because some email settings may prevent your members from receiving their registration email, you may wish to resend the link. You can resend registration emails to all or some of your participants following the steps below.

How to resend

  1. Click on Experiences in the left menu.
  2. If you have chosen a list view, click on the title of your experience. If you have chosen a grid view, click on the experience image.
  3. Click View Participants*.
  4. Check the box next to the participant’s names to whom you would like to resend the email.    Resend-registration-emails-to-participants-1024x700.png                               
  5. Click Select all records next to the search bar to select all participants.
  6. Click the ACTIONS button in the upper right.
  7. Click Resend Invitation Email.
  8. Click RESEND. Resend-registration-emails-to-participants-2.png

Check invitation status

  1. Follow steps 1-2 above.
  2. Click View Participant Invitations. Resend-registration-emails-to-participants-3.png

From this list, you can see who has accepted the invitation. You can also resend the invitation to all participants by clicking  RESEND TO ALL.


To resend invitations to only certain individuals, hover your mouse over the person’s name and click the three-dot icon at the right. Click Resend Invite.

* Note: Terminology on these buttons may be different according to the terminology that you’ve chosen for your experience. 

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