Membership Cards: Printing & Emailing

When people join your PTA, a membership card is linked to their Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) profile.

Note: only site admins can see everyone's cards. Each member can only see their own card.

You can access the membership cards by following these steps:


Another method to view the Membership Card is via the Members List.

1. Go to the Memberships > Manage Members.

2. Find the person in your list

3. Click the membership card Icon on the line next to your Members name. 

4. The card will open in a pop up window.  Click the Link below the image of the card. 

5. The card then opens in a new tab. From there you can use the browser print option to print the card.

5. To email the card you will need to right-click on a PC or two-finger click on a Mac and then click Save image as... 

6. Save the image to whatever location you want. Create your email and attach the membership card image to your email.


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