Enter PTA Members (Cash/Check)

If you have memberships that were paid offline, such as in cash or check to your PTA, you can enter these members manually on Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) to ensure they are counted for state dues, and the member receives their membership card. Please go to your Memberships > Manage Members page and click Add Cash/Check Member. Fill in the form for each new membership sold. This will add the member to your site, members list and (optionally) send a receipt with a card to your new member. Find more detailed steps below:

How to Manually Enter Paid PTA Members

  1. Sign In to your Givebacks site. You can Sign In at app.memberhub.com or from your Givebacks sites link directly. Enter your Email and Password and click the Sign in Button. log_in_MH.png
  2. You may see the option to choose an organization. Pick the organization you wish to enter members for. If you do not see this, proceed to the next step.


3. Choose Members on the left menu > Manage Members. If you do not see members on the left, you do not have full admin access and need this to add members. Please contact your state PTA for further assistance.


4. Click the blue Add Cash/Check Member option on the top right.


5. Choose the membership type from the drop down box in which this person purchased.

Note: If you do not see any membership types here, this is likely because you do not have any memberships live in the store. Follow these steps to update your Membership Items first, and then come back to these steps.


6. Fill in the form and click save. The form requires the below information:

  • Price PaidThis is the price you collected total for the membership.
  • Check Number: Optional, enter a check number or a short word as reference for yourself.
  • School Year: This is the year the membership is valid for and will usually always be the current school year. 
  • Member Type: This is the member type this member is in accordance with your by-laws. Such as but not limited to Parent-Guardian or Student. 
  • First Name: Enter the Members first name
  • Last Name: Enter the Members last name
  • Email: Enter a unique email address for the member. If you do not have an email address, you can skip an email and only enter a Phone number below. A unique email or phone number is required for each non student member. Student's do not require a phone or email.
  • Mobile: Enter a phone number for your Member. If you do not have a phone number, but do have an email, that's ok. Enter only the email.

Send Membership Receipt: This will be checked by default. You can un-check it if you do not want the member to get a receipt, but its good to note that this is the easiest way for the member to get their Membership Card.


7. Your all done! You can now see these members enter on your members list under Members > Manage Members.

Next steps? Follow these steps to pay your state dues on your memberships sold.


Questions? Get Answers. Contact MemberHub Support.

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