Welcome to Givebacks (Formerly MemberHub)!  

Why Givebacks?

As a member of a hub, you will benefit from having a single place where you can connect with other members of your groups in a private, secure, online environment.

If you are connected to multiple groups and organizations on Givebacks, you will find Givebacks especially useful. This is because Givebacks can combine information from multiple sources in useful ways. For example, each group you are associated with on Givebacks has a hub calendar. You can see all of the events from groups you are associated with on one main calendar on your dashboard.


Your Dashboard view will give you a quick look at everything going on in your site!

Below is the admin view.  Custom Permissions will only have access to the sections of the left menu relevant to their role. Regular contacts will only see information relevant to a parent/contact role.



The Left Menu

Along the left side of all pages, you can click links to access:

  • Dashboard
  • Directory
  • Calendar
  • Communications
  • Contacts
  • Fundraisers
  • Store Management
  • Website Builder
  • Memberships
    • Remit State Dues
  • Compliance
    • Compliance Submissions
  • Settings

Note:  Users will be able to see certain modules, but may not have access to all features.  If you believe you should have access to a feature marked as admin only, please contact a Givebacks admin for your organization to check your privileges.


The Main Calendar provides a single view of all events across all of your hubs in one convenient location.




Text Messages Alerts

Administrators in Givebacks have the ability to push out announcements to their members via text message. This is a great way for organizations to notify you of last-minute event cancellations or other urgent announcements.

To get started click Communications > Messages. This takes you to a form to fill in for the message. 

Please checkout the Messages article here for a complete overview of sending a message.

Once you hit send on the message, a box pops up to send the text message.

On this box, you can enter your text message and see what it will look like.


Note: You won’t receive any text messages if you don’t have your mobile number and phone provider entered into Your Profile/Settings.


Your Settings

If you click on the profile icon on the upper right, you will be able to access:

  • Dashboard
  • Your Settings
  • Sign out

Here you can, add a profile photo, adjust your password, name, email or phone and edit your family and privacy settings and more.




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