Why am I not receiving emails from Givebacks?

Do you know you are not receiving emails that you should from Givebacks (Formerly MemberHub)? There are a few things you can try. Please make sure the emails can not be found in your spam/junk folder. Please add Givebacks to your contacts in your email client. and lastly, please make sure your email is correct in the Givebacks system by trying to login to your email address or asking your organization admins. More detailed steps on how to check these common reasons can be found below.

Spam/ Junk 

The first place to check is your spam/junk folder. Please go to your email client and check your spam and junk folders. You can search something like Givebacks to see if you can locate the lost emails. If you find them, move them to your inbox to help ensure they go directly there in the future.


Add Givebacks to your Contacts list

Sometimes email applications will drop an email without even allowing it through to your Inbox or Spam. Can you please add these email addresses to the Contacts list in your email application:

These are the three email addresses that all emails are sent from. Adding them to your contact list will ensure that your email application will allow our emails through to your Inbox.


If you have followed the steps above and continue to not get emails from Givebacks: 

Please try logging into Givebacks at app.memberhub.com. If you can not log in, this might mean your email address is incorrectly entered in your Givebacks site. Please contact your organization's admins. They can help update your email address in Givebacks.


Still having trouble?

Let us know at support@memberhub.com and we can assist you with making sure you receive future emails.

  • Please include the email address that you are not receiving emails at as well as the organization name or some message titles you have not received.


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