How can I access my PTA Membership Card?

If you are a parent or member of your local PTA, and need to get your membership card, you can do so from your profile > membership card section on the left-hand side. Below are more detailed step-by-step instructions for finding your PTA Membership Card. 

1. Sign In to Givebacks (Formerly MemberHub) at Enter your email address and password and click Sign In.


2. Click on the Profile Icon at the top right > My Profile from the drop-down.  


3. From your profile, scroll down a bit to the membership cards section on the right. Click the organization for which you want your card.



4. In a new window, your membership card will open.membership_card.png

5. You can use your browser's print option to print the card or right-click the card to save or print the image for your reference. 

print_card.pngsave_print_card.png Voila! You now have your membership card and should be all set.

Questions? Contact your organization's admins by going to your organization's store and clicking the contact store admin link on the left. Or contact Givebacks support by submitting a ticket here.








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