How to Void/Edit a PTA Membership

Administrators can void cash/check memberships through the Membership module. This allows you to edit PTA membership entries by first voiding a transaction and then re-entering it. 

Go to Memberships > Manage Members. Locate the membership in the list of Members and click the X next on the right end for that membership. Click Confirm that you want to void the membership. 




The star, the membership card, and the dues owed to the state will be removed from the site for that person's profile. 

Afterward, you will be able to re-enter that person into the Memberships > Manage Members > Add Cash/Check Member in order to give them an updated membership. 

Voided transactions and memberships will automatically be sent to your state PTA as well for reporting purposes.

If you would like to void a membership purchased in the store, it must be refunded via the store.

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