Can I translate the page contents to another language?

Yes you can! If you would like to translate a single page on Givebacks (Formerly MemberHub) to another language, Google Chrome and many browsers offer built-in solutions to translate an entire website. On Google Chrome, simple open chrome and click the folded map icon in the address bar. In the pop up that appears click the 3 dots and choose another language to translate the page. Using another browser? You can google the required steps in other browsers.

Steps to translate a single page in Google chrome.

  1. Open the site you wish to translate in a Chrome Browser.
  2. At the top in your address bar, click the folded map Icon


      4. In the pop up that appears, click the 3 dots > choose another language.


If you do not have the image to translate the top of the page, visit your chrome settings, search language and look for the option to "ask me to translate a page written in another language" and make sure this is turned on.


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