Learn more about the process for automatically generating digital entry (ticket) numbers.

The system will automatically generate digital entry (ticket) numbers each time someone donates on your raffle or sweepstakes. These entry numbers will be displayed on donation receipts and will be used when your winner is drawn.

Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) refers to these as digital “entries,” but you can also think of them as “tickets” or “chances to win.” 

Entry number format

Entries are assigned in separate sequences depending on if whether the entry was sold online or offline. Here’s how entry letters and numbers are designated:  

  • Online entry numbers will look like ‘W123‘. The ‘W’ indicates an online entry number, and the ‘123’ is the specific ticket number. They are issued incrementally in numerical order (e.g., W1, W2, and so on).
  • Offline entry numbers will look like ‘P123‘. The ‘P’ indicates this was a physical or paper entry sold offline, and the ‘123’ is the specific ticket number.

When someone buys multiple entries, they’ll be given a range of entry numbers, such as “W100–W150.”

Please note that offline/paper entry sales are optional and only available within raffles. Learn more about how you can sell paper entries.

Good to know

The numbering sequences for online and offline entries sold are separate and will never overlap. This means that “W123” and “P123” are entirely separate entry numbers, as indicated by their different letter prefix.

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