As a member or contact of your organization, you can manage your family's profile on Givebacks. Go to the profile icon in the upper right, select My Profile, and edit the family section. From here you can add a new family or click an existing family name to add and remove family members.

Managing your family

1. Sign in to Givebacks at

2. Click the profile icon at the top right, and choose My Profile.

3. Scroll down to the Families section.

4. Click on the family name you wish to manage.


Creating a new family

1. Click the Add Family link.

2. Enter the family name, usually the last name. Click Create.

Adding a family member

1. Click on the family name.

2. Click the plus sign on the upper right. 

3. Fill in the form for the additional family member and click Save.

4. You will see your family member is now listed in your family. Repeat the steps above to add all family members.

Removing a family member

Note: At this time, you will need to contact an organization admin to have a family member removed.

Click the 3 dots next to the person's name that you wish to remove and choose Remove from Family.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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