Options for displaying participant information on your fundraiser page

Learn about the options available for organizers to protect participants’ privacy and their information on their fundraising page.

Every Experience has unique needs when peer-to-peer fundraising is added. Some organizers like to use competition to drive excitement around fundraising efforts, while others prefer to take the competitive element out of fundraising entirely. Moreover, organizations like schools need more privacy regarding public access to student names on their fundraisers.

To accommodate each organization’s specific requirements, we offer a variety of options to hide participant names and other information from the participant center page.

  1. Remove the participant center button from the fundraising page – This keeps the participant center private. Therefore, the general public will not be able to see the names on the leaderboards, but organizers can still promote the participant center link to participants. See how to remove the participant button from the main fundraising page here.
  2. Use private registration without collecting an email address from participants – This allows the organizer to control the content of personal fundraising pages and restricts participants from editing the content or adding personal photos. Learn more about the differences between public and private registration here.
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