Sending Messages to Officers from State PTA

As a State PTA Leader, you can send messages to all or specific officers to all or specific local units within your state.  


In Messages, Newsletters and Events , you can choose between using filters to send messages to contacts within your Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) site or officer messages.  Each module will have a similar recipients selection area.  



To use officer or stripe messaging filters, select the check box to Send a messages to PTA Officers across selected Units and school years.

You will then have new filters to select from: 



Using the stripe filter will allow you to message all Organization Admins in sites that are part of your state PTA.  You may choose to message admins in sites with Connected Stripe accounts or Not Connected.  If you would like to further filter that list, you may also filter by officer types, years, or units.  


If the stripe filter is not selected, your messages will only go to Officers.  Select Units, Officer Types, and/or Years to filter for the correct audience for your messages.


For more information about creating messages, see Send Quick Simple Messages 


Note: When not using officer message filters (ie. send to everyone, you will only be messaging contacts that exist in the contact list of the organization that you are logged into.  

For example, if I choose to "send to everyone or select from contacts, hubs, roles, or saved filters" this will apply the filters to the contacts that are directly listed in the contact list of your site.


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