Our new Contacts Management offers more options for keeping up with your contacts!

1. Custom Properties: Visit Contacts > Manage Contacts then click the gear Icon to go to Settings. From here you can create custom properties for your contacts.

These can be anything from Birthdate to Favorite Color. Any information you want to know and keep about your contacts can be defined here. 

* Define custom properties to collect any information you want to know about your contacts.


2. Easily import your contact list. Go to your Contacts > Manage Contacts Page then click the upload symbol at the top of the page and follow the prompts.

Import Contact Information


3. Filter your contact database on roles, properties, and hubs. Go to Contacts > Manage Contacts and click Filters.

Within Contacts, you can select filters for Roles, Properties, and/or Hubs.  


Click through to select the filters you need and then click Apply.  

You can use the Clear button on the filter to return to the full view of contacts.


4. Create custom filters to reuse to send messages to targeted audiences. Go to Contacts > Manage Contacts >  Filter. Once you have filtered a list you like, click the save icon to save the filter.

If you have a filtered list that you want to use repeatedly for messaging or any other need, you can choose to Save Filter.  

  • Once you have clicked Apply to filter the criteria, there will be a new Save Filter Button available.mceclip2.png
  • Assign the Filter a name an click Save.

You can use View Saved Filters Button to filter your contacts list with your saved filter.


You can also use your saved filter in Newsletters, Messages, or Events to select your recipients.


There are additional filter management options in Contact Settings.


5. Edit Contact information. From your contacts > manage contacts page > click a contacts name > then edit

You can manage Organization Roles or add contacts to Hubs from here too. Learn more about Roles HERE.

Edit Roles and HubsSelect One or multiple contacts and you will be able to select actions to apply to those contacts.

    • Add Role allows you to assign organization level roles to contacts.  Org Admin, Store Admin, etc.
    • Add to Hub allows you to add contacts to Hubs.

Edit Properties Select One or multiple contacts and you will be able to select Add Properties and choose which properties to set.



6. Send Messages to Contacts from your Contacts >Manage Contacts Page. Click the box next to the contacts then click the envelope Icon.

Select One or Multiple contacts and Click the Send a Message button.


Simple Messaging will open with your contacts selected as recipients.  You can create your message from here.  Send Quick Simple Messages


7. Suggest Edits to Update your Contacts' information. From your contacts profile, click edit. Update the info and click Suggest Changes.

Occasionally, organization admins need to update another user’s profile information. You now have the ability to suggest a profile edit on a user’s name, address, or phone number. This will send an email to the user and allow them to accept or reject the edits. They will not need to log in to do so. In this way, profiles can be easily updated all while keeping the user's account secure. 

Suggest a profile edit

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