Expiring Roles at Year End

To make the end of year transition easier, you have the option to expire roles when adding a contact to your organization or hub.


Expire from your organization

When adding a contact to your organization, if you wish them to remain year over year, leave "Expire role at year end" toggled to off.

When assigning an officer role, the role will be set to automatically expire at the end of the school year, since officers are elected for 1 year terms.

Expire from a hub

Similarly, when adding a person to a hub, you have the option to expire the role at year end. Depending on the role you assign, they will either be removed from the hub (contact role expires), removed from the hub and no longer a hub admin (contact and hub admin roles expire), or remain in the hub but no longer be a hub admin (hub admin role expires, but the hub contact role does not.)

Expire from a family

When adding a person to your family, you can set the family role to expire. For example, if you have two children in elementary school, but one of them is graduating to middle school at the end of the year, you may wish to set the child role to expire.


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