How to get started with Shop to Give

Are you ready to be rewarded (and reward your cause) for the epic shopper you are? Or to earn extra dough for making your everyday purchases? Let's get started with Shop to Give! If you are on the web, go to and click the signup button on the top right. Follow the prompts and you will be earning for you and your cause in no time. If you prefer to use the mobile app, visit your app store and download the Shop to Give app. Follow the steps that will appear to begin using Shop to Give! 

More detailed steps below. Follow these instructions based on how you are currently logging on:


Getting Started with Shop to Give on the Web:

Have you been referred to Shop to Give by a cause or another backer and have a link that starts with ? If not, skip to step 1 below.

If you have a referral link, open the link and choose to select the same cause or pick a different one.

  • If you are Selecting this cause, skip to step 3. 
  • If you are choosing another cause, start at step 2.


1. Visit and click the orange Start Giving and Earning button on the top right. 


2. Select your cause. You can view and select a cause in the following ways:

  • Browse the cause suggestions on the top of the page and click the purple select a cause button
  • Use the category options below the suggestions to view causes on specific topics
  • Use the search bar at the top right, to search for a cause by name


3. Review your cause selection and click next


4. On the next pop-up, click start granting wishes.


5. Fill in the form and click Create Account.


6. It's time to grant the Genie his first wish! Download the Chrome extension so you can be reminded of available cashback for you and your cause while shopping online.


7. Thank you! You have Granted the Genie his first wish! Click Grant My Next Wish to continue.


8. On to Wish 2! Add the credit card you use most for card-linked offers. This means any qualifying purchases you make in-person or when out to eat, while using the card you linked, will earn you and your cause cash back. Fill in the form on the right, click I agree to terms and Add My Card.


9. Woohoo! Wish 3! Click the purple Get the Mobile App button to download the Shop to Give Mobile app and grant the Genie his 3rd wish. Downloading the app means you will be able to browse offers on your phone, and also will see reminders to claim cashback when shopping online on your mobile device!


10. Check your texts! The Genie sent you a text with a link to download the app. Follow that link to download the app and be sure to use the Sign In option and login with the account you just created on the web.


11. You can choose to Start Searching and Earning, by clicking the button on this page to view and claim offers on the web. 



Welcome to Shop to Give! Your all set!


Getting Started with the Shop to Give App:

1. Download the app from either the Apple Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android Devices.




2. Once downloaded, open the app. Scroll through the screens to learn about Shop to Give and click the orange Get Started button.


3. Fill in the form to create your account and click Create Account.


4. Choose your cause. You can do so in 3 different ways:

  • Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for your cause by name
  • Browse the suggested causes at the top and click the purple Select This Cause button
  • Choose a Category below the suggested causes and browse the options to find a cause you like


5. Time to grant wishes! Review your selected cause and click Start Granting Wishes.


6. Time to grant the Genie's first wish. Download the Chrome or Safari Extension so you can get reminded of available cashback for you and your cause when you shop online from your mobile device. Click Grant Permission for Web Offers and you will be taken to the settings. Scroll down, click Shop to Give, then turn the radio button on.


7. On to wish 2! Click Grant My Next Wish, then fill in the form to link your credit card and click Agree to Terms and Add My Card. Linking a card allows you to earn cashback on offers you claim for in-store and dining purchases.


8. Let's Grant the Genie's last wish! Click Start Searchin' and Earnin' to browse and claim offers. 


Welcome to Shop to Give! You are now ready to start earning for you and your cause.

Questions? We are happy to help. Contact Shop to Give Support.

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