Have questions? We have answers. Below find a collection of some common questions related to Shop to Give, including how Shop to Give works and what Shop to Give is all about.

Also, check out the Cashback FAQ: 

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How does Shop to Give Work?

Shop to Give works with the way you already shop. Just add the Shop to Give browser extension and the browser extension drop-down will appear when you can earn cashback.

How do I get started?

  1. Follow the steps to create your account and install the Shop to Give browser extension on your desktop or phone. You can also link your eligible credit and/or debit cards to get in-store cashback.
  2. When you make a qualifying purchase through Shop to Give, you will receive up to 10% of your purchase, depending on the cashback percentage the participating merchant is offering.
  3. Your chosen cause will also get up to 1% of your purchase in cashback. This percentage does not come from your cashback amount. Shop to Give is making the donation on your behalf.

How does Shop to Give make money?

Shop to Give is merchant-funded. When you make a purchase and earn cashback, participating merchants pay us a fee for sending them a customer.

Does it cost anything to use Shop to Give?

No, it’s free for you to use. Shop to Give collects a fee from participating merchants when you earn cashback.

What kinds of causes participate in Shop to Give?

You can choose from over one million 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations (causes) that are registered and in good standing with the IRS. 

How do I choose a cause to give back to?

When you create a Shop to Give account, you pick your favorite cause. Shop to Give keeps your selection for future use, but you can change your cause at any time. 

Can I change my cause?

Yes, you can change the cause you want to support at any time in your Shop to Give account. After you change your cause, donations from your future purchases will go to your new cause. You can follow these steps to change your cause: How can I change the cause I am supporting?

Does Shop to Give sell my data? 

We do not sell or share data with third parties outside of the partner networks, payment network, and other third parties contracted to perform the services and deliver the functions within the Shop to Give application. 

What cybersecurity does Shop to Give have?

Shop to Give uses industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your data.

Does Shop to Give store my credit card information?

No, Shop to Give does not receive or store your bank account, payment card, or online payment service credentials on any systems that we operate. Shop to Give uses a process called Tokenization. The primary difference—and benefit—of using tokenization vs. encryption is that tokenized data cannot be returned to its original form. Unlike encryption, tokenization does not use keys to alter the original data. Instead, it removes the data from an organization's internal systems entirely and exchanges it for a randomly generated nonsensitive placeholder (a token). These placeholders can be stored within an organization's internal systems for business use while sensitive values are safely stored outside of its environment.
So, in the event that a tokenized environment is breached, no sensitive data or compromising keys/credentials would be revealed—only the nonsensitive tokens. Because no sensitive data is being stored, none is available to be stolen. In effect, the risk of data theft is virtually eliminated.

Do I need to keep my receipts?

It’s a good idea to keep your receipts. If the cashback does not automatically report to your account, our support team will need to see your receipt to investigate.

What percentage of cashback will I earn? Do cashback rates change during the offer period?

When using in-store cashback, you will earn the amount of cashback that is advertised on the date you made your purchase. For example, if you linked an offer when the cashback rate was 4% but made your purchase during a 2x cashback promotion, you will earn the promotional rate of 8%. Conversely, if you link at the promotional rate of 8% but make your purchase once it has returned to 4%, you will earn the 4% cashback rate. If you link during a promotional period, we recommend you shop before it has ended so you can maximize your cashback. 

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension simply adds extra functionality to your Web browser. In the case of Shop to Give, the extension reminds you when you can earn cashback from your online shopping.

How do I use the browser extension?

It’s super easy. Once you’ve downloaded the Shop to Give browser extension, just shop like normal. Visit a participating merchant site (no need to start with the Shop to Give app or website) and Shop to Give will automatically remind you when you can earn cashback. You can always check by clicking the Shop to Give icon on your Chrome extension list on your desktop browser, too.

Click the button to activate the offer for that site, and you’ll get a confirmation pop-up that cashback is activated on that site. That’s it! Shop, check out, and you’ll receive cashback in your Shop to Give wallet.

What is a Backer?

Shop to Give is a special community of people called Backers, who recognize a win-win offering and see value in supporting social good with their spending dollars! We recognize our Backers’ contributions by assigning everyone a Backer Number in the order they sign up. The smaller your number, the earlier you joined the Shop to Give movement!

How does the Backer Referral Program work?

It’s easy to invite friends to join the Backer community. Simply use the personal referral link in your profile and email or text it to a friend.

What do my friends need to do?

Simply sign up for Shop to Give using your unique link.

Can I see my referrals?

Yes, visit Your Referral Activity in your profile.

How many friends can I invite?

No limit! The more friends, family, and coworkers you invite, the more money you and your cause earn. 

Will my friends receive unsolicited emails?

We send an email invitation to your friends when you invite them. Once your friends join, they can change their email preferences.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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