How do I claim an In-store or Dining offer?

Ready to get started earning cashback? In-store and Dining offers require you to add a linked credit card under your profile before finding the offer in your local or dining offers tab to claim them. Claim and use all the different wonderful offers through Shop to Give!

Adding a Card and Claiming In-Store or Dining Offers

1. Sign in to

s2g sign in.png

2. Click Wallet on the top menu bar.

3. Click the blue dot on the Edit/Add Cards section.

4. Enter your card information and use the switch to Agree to Terms & Conditions.

5. Click Add My Card.

6. Once you have linked your card, click on Earn on the top menu bar and then select Earn In-Store

7. Find the offers you like and click the purple Claim Offer button on the offers you are interested in.

Pro Tip: Click the Claim All Near Me button on the map to choose all the offers. There is no harm, and you never know what you might end up shopping for! 

8. Go shopping or grab your food (in-person or ordered)! Just be sure to pay with the card that you linked in step 5. Once you do, cashback will be coming to you and your cause! You can expect cashback from qualifying purchases to hit your Shop to Give account within 60 days. You will receive an email notifying you of your cashback!


Note: If you use your debit card to redeem an offer, do not enter your PIN. Select “credit” instead of “debit” when your card is swiped or inserted, which means you will sign a receipt instead of entering your PIN at the point of sale. You must use your signature in order for Shop to Give to be notified of the transaction.

Good to Know: If you purchase multiple items at one time with an offer, you may receive multiple emails (one for each item) letting you know of your cashback earned.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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