How do I know if a certain merchant participates in Shop to Give?

Shopping somewhere specific or searching for a specific item? Click online or local offers at the top of the screen to search by a specific merchant to see if they have available offers. Claim the offers to earn cashback for you and your cause while you are at it! Any offer that is listed on Shop to Give is a current offer for that item or merchant.

Here is how you can search Shop to Give and find a specific type of offer or an offer for a specific merchant.


1. Login at



2. Click Online or Local Offers at the top of the screen, depending on where you would prefer to shop.



3. Select All Offers

Online Offers Local Offers:
all_online_offers.png local_offers_all.png


4. For online offers: In the search box towards the top right of the page, search for what you are looking for:


Pro Tip: You can enter the actual item you are looking for, such as chocolate cake, or enter a merchant you want to view offers for, such as Target.

For local offers: Review the list. You can sort by distance or category to help find the merchant you are looking for.



Questions? We've got answers! Contact us at Support. 

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