How can I link my credit card for in-store or local dining offers?

Ready to go shopping in person or planning on dining out (or ordering take-out)?  Set up a linked debit card so Shop to Give can send you and your cause cashback on your in-store and local dining offers! Simply log in to Shop to Give, visit your wallet from the top right > and click the blue dot to add your card. More detailed steps are listed below.

1. Login at


2. Click your profile icon at the top right.


3. Select Wallet from the drop-down.


4. Click the blue dot on the Edit/Add Cards section.


5. Enter your details and check the purple circle to agree to the terms. Then click Save Info. add_card.png

7. Moving forward, any time you make a purchase for a claimed offer with your linked card, you (and your cause!) will receive cashback on your Shop to Give account!



Questions? We Love Em'! Contact us at Support. 

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