Have questions about cashback including questions about earning, viewing, or donating your cashback? You can see everything related to your earning cashback and donating to your cause from your Givebacks.com account or app. Find the answers to all your questions below.

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And the Shop to Give Offers FAQ.

How can I tell If I’m earning cashback while I’m shopping online?

Once you have the Shop to Give Chrome extension, start by visiting a merchant site where you’d like to shop. Shop to Give will automatically remind you when offers are available. You can also check by clicking the Shop to Give icon on your Chrome extension list. Once you are prompted about an offer, click the button to activate the offer for that site. You will get a confirmation pop-up that your cashback is activated on that site. That’s it! Shop, check out, and you’ll receive cashback in your Shop to Give wallet.

Where do I find cashback I’ve earned and cashback donated on my behalf?

Log in to your Shop to Give account to see your cashback balance and the amounts donated to your cause. The cashback won’t immediately appear when you make a purchase because each merchant has to notify us that you placed an order, which can take from a few hours to several days. Once we get the notification from each merchant, we’ll add your pending cashback amount to your account and notify you. 

How much money will I get from Shop to Give?

When you make a qualifying purchase through Shop to Give, you will receive up to 10% of your purchase, depending on the cashback percentage the participating merchant is offering. With more than 40,000 merchants participating, including some of the biggest names in retail, your cashback can really add up.

How long will it be until I get my money?

Typically, cashback will be deposited into your wallet within about 60 days. The time period depends on the type of purchase and specific timeframes for each participating merchant. You can see the status of your pending cashback in your account, including the estimated deposit date.

How do I transfer my cashback?

Once the cashback in your wallet reaches $25, you can transfer it to a Prepaid Visa Gift Card that expires within 6 months (no transaction fee), Venmo ($0.25 transaction fee), PayPal ($0.25 transaction fee), or your bank account ($0.95 transaction fee). You can also donate any amount in your wallet to your cause with no minimum.

Is the cashback donated to my cause on my behalf tax deductible?

The money that Shop to Give donates to your chosen cause with every purchase is not tax deductible on your return. However, any donations that you make to a cause from your cashback balance are tax deductible. If you donated any or all of your cashback balance to a registered cause, you will receive a year-end tax statement from Shop to Give detailing the donations.

How does my cause get its money if I donate?

Causes that are registered with Shop to Give will receive their cashback in their Shop to Give wallet, just like you do. If your cause is not registered with Shop to Give yet, we’ll contact the organization to ask them to register with Shop to Give to receive donations. The organization has 8 calendar quarters to register with Shop to Give. During that time we will track their donations.

If your cause doesn’t register by the end of that period or becomes ineligible, we’ll email you and ask you to select a new cause within 30 days. When you pick a new cause within the 30-day period, we’ll apply the donations from your previous Shop to Give purchases to your new cause. If you don’t select a new cause within 30 days, we’ll apply the donations from your previous Shop to Give purchases to other causes.

Can I remove my credit card from my Shop to Give Wallet after my purchase?

Cashback will not be posted to your account if your credit card is not in your Shop to Give Wallet. If you wish to remove your credit card, you will need to wait until after the cashback has been posted to your account.

Why did I receive multiple emails about my cashback?

If you purchased multiple items at one time with an offer, you may receive multiple emails (one for each item) letting you know of your cashback earned.

What’s the difference between online and in-store cashback?

You get cashback from your online shopping by installing the Shop to Give browser extension on your desktop and mobile phone. The browser extension will pop up to remind you when you can earn cashback online.

To get cashback from your in-store shopping, just link your credit card(s) to your Shop to Give account and claim offers that you want to automatically take advantage of when you’re out and about. Linking your card and claiming offers is the magic of in-store cashback. Once you’ve done that, you don’t have to remember coupons or bring vouchers with you. It all happens easily - you’ll automatically get cashback in your Shop to Give wallet when you make a qualifying in-store purchase with your linked credit card. For more information see: All things Cashback FAQ.

When will cashback be added to my account?

It can take up to seven business days for in-store cashback to be added to your account. If you do not see your cashback within seven business days of your in-store purchase, please contact Shop to Give Customer Service.


In-store Cashback

What is in-store cashback?

With Shop to Give in-store cashback, you can earn cashback when you use eligible linked cards to shop in person at participating merchants. The Shop to Give extension allows you to earn cashback however you shop - online and in-store!

How do I earn in-store cashback?

Shop to Give in-store cashback is available to anyone who signs up and links their cards. Simply add one or more eligible American Express, Mastercard, or Visa credit cards to your Shop to Give profile and link in-store cashback offers to your card(s). When you shop at participating local stores and pay with your eligible linked card, you will automatically earn cashback on qualifying purchases. Your pending cashback amount typically appears in your Shop to Give account within seven days of your purchase.

Can I earn in-store cashback for online purchases?

No. Shop to Give in-store cashback offers are valid only for purchases made in physical stores with eligible linked cards. To get cashback for online purchases, download the browser extension for your phone and desktop.

Can I earn in-store cashback for purchases made via phone?

Shop to Give in-store cashback offers are valid only for purchases made in physical stores with eligible linked cards. To get cashback for purchases you make on your phone, just download the Shop to Give mobile app and get the Shop to Give browser extension for your phone.

How can I delete my card from the Shop to Give?

You can remove any credit and/or debit cards associated with Shop to Give by navigating to your Profile, selecting Wallet, selecting the card you want to remove under Edit/Add Cards, and selecting Remove This Card.

Can I earn in-store cashback while shopping outside of the United States?

No. In-store cashback is available only for in-store purchases at participating merchant locations in the 50 United States.

Can I earn in-store cashback when using a mobile payment method, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay?

We strongly recommend using only physical credit cards for in-store cashback purchases, because we do not consistently receive mobile wallet transaction details from American Express, Mastercard, or Visa. Without that transaction information, we can’t award your cashback.

Can I use a credit card issued outside of the United States to earn in-store cashback?

No. Only cards issued in the United States and Canada are eligible to earn cashback at participating stores in the United States. Please note that any Canadian credit cards must be enrolled in the Shop to Give in-store cashback program to be eligible for cashback.   

Does Shop to Give in-store cashback cost extra?

Absolutely not. Shop to Give in-store cashback is offered at no extra cost to everyone who signs up for Shop to Give.

Do I need to upload a receipt to Shop to Give to earn my cashback?

No. Just shop with your linked card at participating merchants. It’s a good idea to keep your receipt in the rare event that you do not receive your cashback as expected. Your receipt is a valuable tool to help our Shop to Give Customer Service team research a missing transaction.

What type of credit cards can I use?

Shop to Give in-store cashback works with most American Express, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards. Exceptions include Macy’s American Express cards, corporate and purchasing cards, Health Savings Account cards, Flexible Spending Account cards, government-administered prepaid cards (including EBT cards), insurance prepaid cards, and Visa Buxx. Diners Club and Discover cards are not eligible for in-store cashback at this time.

Can I use my store credit card for in-store cashback?

Shop to Give in-store cashback is awarded when American Express, Mastercard, and Visa report your linked purchase to us. Unfortunately, most store cards, even if they have a major credit card logo, are processed through the store’s bank and not the major credit card networks. This prevents us from being able to award cashback on these transactions.

Why can’t I use my Diners Club and Discover cards?

We are working diligently to add more payment card options for use with in-store cashback. We appreciate your patience while we work to expand our program.

Can I use my debit card to earn in-store cashback?

We recommend using an eligible American Express, Mastercard, or Visa credit card for Shop to Give in-store cashback. If you use your debit card, do not enter your PIN at checkout. Instead, select “credit” instead of “debit” when your card is swiped or inserted, which means you will sign a receipt instead of entering your PIN at the point of sale. If you use your PIN for debit, Shop to Give will not get your transaction information and you will not be eligible for in-store cashback.

How many cards can I enroll for in-store cashback?

You may enroll as many credit cards as you like. There is no limit to the number of eligible American Express, Mastercard, or Visa cards that you can add to your Shop to Give account to earn in-store cashback.

How do I know my credit card information is secure?

Shop to Give takes your privacy and security seriously. Your credit card data is safely stored in a secure, encrypted environment that has been certified as compliant by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI). You can learn more about PCI compliance at https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/. For more information on how Shop to Give handles your private information, please see Shop to Gives’ Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.  


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