What are the different ways to earn cash back?

Within Shop to Give you can earn cashback for you and your cause in 3 different ways. Shopping In-person, Dining, or Shopping Online. Shopping in person and Dining cashback are both earned by linking your credit card to your Shop to Give account and using that linked card to pay for your purchase. Shopping online works by activating cashback through the browser extension while browsing a merchant's website.

Follow the links below for more detailed information.

In-Store Offers:

Simply set up a linked card on your Shop to Give account, claim the offers on products you are interested in (or all the offers!) and go shopping at your favorite participating stores. Make a purchase that contains items from your offers and you and your cause will receive the cashback!

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Add a linked card to your Shop to Give account. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Adding a debit or credit card for in-store or local dining offers

2. Claim your offers. Follow these steps to claim your offers.

How to claim and use offers

3. Ready to Earn. After you make a qualifying purchase, your cashback will be added to your Shop to Give account and sent to your cause. You can expect your cashback in your Shop to Give account within 2 business days and you will be able to withdraw it within 60 days.

Pro tip: Claim them all! There is no harm and you never know when you might purchase something!


Online Offers:

Are you an online shopper? With Shop to Give you have the ability to earn up to 10% cash back for yourself on your online purchases! You get cashback from your online shopping by installing the Shop to Give browser extension on your desktop and mobile phone. We will remind you when you can earn cashback online.

Just download the Chrome Extension here: 

App_store.png  Google_Play.png

Search Shop to Give on the store.

Once you do, we will let you know when there is an offer for cashback on an item you are looking at. Just click Activate Cashback on the pop-up and that's all you need to do!



Dining Offers

Taco Tuesdays? Thai Thursdays? Pizza Fridays?.... We've got you covered. Earn cashback for you and your cause by dining at your favorite local restaurants. Similar to in-store offers, once you link your card(s) and claim your offer, all you need to do is make the purchase at your local restaurant with that same linked card, and you will get your cashback!

Follow these steps and you will be eating for a good cause in no time!

1. Login at www.givebacks.com or on to the mobile app. 


2. Follow these steps to Add a debit or credit card for in-store or local dining offers.

3. Click local offers and choose Dining Offers.


4. Allow Shop to Give access to your location, so we can suggest local offers.

5. Claim and redeem your local dining offer by clicking the purple Claim Offer next to the offer or choose the blue Claim All Near Me button on the map to claim all offers at once. You never know when you might use one!


6. Enjoy! Cashback is on its way to you and your cause. You can expect it in your Shop to Give account within 2 business days, and ready to withdraw within 60 days.


Questions? We can help. Contact support.

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