How can I view the potential earnings (cashback) I might receive from using an offer?

Within Shop to Give, you will earn up to 10% cashback on redeemed offers. The exact amount you receive varies by the offer. You can see the percentage cashback available on online offers within the activate button on the drop-down. For in-store and dining offers, you can see this amount on your app or by clicking the Local tab.

Below we break down how you can view the cashback on each offer depending on which Shop to Give Interface you are using.

The links below will take you to the perfect steps for how you are currently using Shop to Give:

Shop to Give on the Web

Follow these steps to view what the cashback is on an offer within Shop to Give on the Web.

1. Log in to



2. Browse the offers by clicking Online Offers or Local Offers.



3. Browser the offers. Underneath the merchant name is the cashback percentage. It is written in blue on the offer tile.



Shop to Give on the Chrome Extension

Below is a screenshot of where to look to see cashback on an offer as it pops up through the Chrome extension while you are shopping online. The cashback amount appears in the Purple Activate button. This example is 3.5%


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