Help! Why have I not earned cashback?

Have you recently made a purchase and not received cashback? While most of the time you should receive cashback on a qualifying purchase, there are scenarios where you might not have earned as expected. These include: forgetting to claim the offer, eligibility restrictions, expiration dates, validity based on method of shopping, and already earning once before on an offer. Use these links below, to jump to the section which you think might have occurred to learn more. 

Your offer was not claimed

When you are shopping online or in-store, you need to claim the offer online for the product you wish to purchase. If you do not claim the offer first, you will not get cashback.

Check out this article for How do I claim an In-store or Dining offer?

Pro Tip: Claim all your offers at one time. You never know when you might purchase something that is eligible and the offer might still be valid. This way you can take advantage of cashback without even thinking about it!

Eligibility Restrictions

Sometimes a merchant will have certain criteria the purchase must meet to be eligible for cashback. These are often around the category of goods purchased or whether discounted or sale items are included or excluded. You can read the order details before you click to accept the cashback on the Chrome extension pop-up. (Click the offer details and terms link on the bottom right of the pop-up before you make an online purchase. You also need to claim the offer in the app or online in advance for in-person purchases and dining offers.)

An expired offer

Offer Links

If it takes you more than 10-15 minutes to complete your shopping for an online offer, you may want to go back and re-claim the offer. The "claiming" of your offer can expire, depending on the rules of a specific offer within a certain merchant. Check the "see details" on each offer to make sure or go back through the Shop to Give app or website and re-claim the offer prior to checking out if you have been browsing for a while.

Offer Itself

Occasionally a merchant might end a certain offer or stop participating in cash-back altogether. While not super common, this would mean that the offer you claimed is no longer valid. This scenario would be more likely to occur if you go through and claim offers in bulk prior to potentially making the purchase, such as weeks or even months ahead of time. 

If you have claimed an offer a long time prior to when you expect to use it, it may be a good idea to log into the App or Website and make sure the offer is still valid prior to check out.

  • It's good to know that most Local Offers, expire within 45 days after being claimed. So it's a good idea to hop back into Shop to Give every 30-40 days and re-click the Claim All button, to avoid having an offer expire before you get to use it.

The offer was not valid for your method of shopping

Within Shop to Give, there are three different types of offers -- an Online offer, an In-store offer, and a Dining offer. It's important to note which method this offer is valid for when claiming your offer. Each offer has Online, In-store, or both Online and In-store written on the offer's image. 


An online-only offer can't be used in a merchant's retail store and an in-store-only offer can't be used on a merchant's website.

You already received cashback on an offer

If you have already claimed and redeemed an offer, the offer needs to be reclaimed to be used again.

An offer's claiming and redemption is only good for one purchase. But you can reclaim the same offer multiple times. 

Pro tip: A good habit to start would be to get in the routine of re-claiming an offer directly after you have purchased it. Especially for merchants and items you shop for on a weekly or routine basis, such as toothpaste, shampoo, cleaning items, groceries, etc. That way you know you are always getting cashback!

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