Why doesn't the Browser Extension pop up when cash back is available on a website?

There are several reasons why the browser extension may not activate or let you know of available offers. It may be turned off, un-installed or another extension has been activated instead. You can check the status of your extension from the puzzle piece icon at the top right. Make sure Shop to Give is Pinned for easy access and click manage extensions to toggle Shop to Give back on. Follow the steps below to resolve these issues.


1. The extension is turned off.

  • Go to the puzzle piece on the top right of your browser > manage extensions.


  • Make sure the radio button for the Shop to Give Genie extension is turned on



2. Another Browser Extension is interfering. 

Other similar cashback extensions may interfere with the Genie and prevent him from working his magic. The best resolution is to disable any other cashback extensions while using the Genie. 

  • Similarly to #1, go to the puzzle piece on the top right > manage extensions.


  • Choose the radio button under the extension you wish to turn off. turn_of_non_givebacks_extension.png

3. The extension has become un-installed. 

There may be a chance that you have a new device or the extension has been uninstalled.

  • No worries, just re-install it by clicking this buttonget_the_genie.png
  • Good to Know: If you want to download the extension on your phone, click this button above from your phone - or from your computer if you want the extension on your chrome browser on your computer. 


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