Ready to learn about your Shop to Give metrics? From your Dashboard, you can view your total supporting backers, active backers, backers with the desktop extension, mobile extension, cards linked, and the number of people who have purchased at a glance. You can also manage the target goal for your organization and more!

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Accessing from the Givebacks toolbar

Organizations with a Givebacks site can access Shop to Give metrics directly from their Givebacks toolbar.

1. From the Givebacks toolbar Select Shop to Give.

2. Select Shop to Give Metrics.

3. The top bar shows the total number of backers, the number of active backers, the amount raised through Shop to Give, and the goal you set.

  • Total Backers - the number of people who have created a Shop to Give account and selected to support your cause.
  • Backers Active - the total number of people who have made purchases/redeemed offers.
  • Raised so far - the amount your backers have raised for your cause.
  • Goal - the goal set by the organization on the cause admin dashboard.

4. View detailed backer information.

  • Backer Name - Your backer's user name on their Shop to Give account.
  • Signup Date - The date your backer joined Shop to Give.
  • Last Activity Date - The date the backer last earned cashback.
  • Purchases - The number of cashback purchases the backer made.
  • Amount Raised - The amount this backer has earned for your cause.
  • Extensions - Indicates whether this backer uses the Desktop or Mobile Extension.
  • Cards on File - Shows the number of credit cards your backer has linked.
  • Referral Signups - The number of people referred by this backer who have signed up and decided to also support your cause.
  • Address - The address of your backer.
  • State The state of your backer.
  • Zip Code - The zip code of your backer.

5. You can get a more detailed view of your data with the search, date filter, and export features.

  • Search backer name or email - This allows you to locate a specific backer.
  • Select active date range Search data by a specific date range.
  • Download Click the download icon to export the data to a .csv file.

Accessing from the Shop to Give Admin Portal

If your cause is only using Shop to Give or you have a Givebacks site but want more details, you can access the metrics through the Admin Portal.

1. Go to Select Log In and choose For Shop to Give admins.

2. From the toolbar select Dashboard.

3. Select the date range using the dropdown in the upper right.

4. View this top section to see at a glance your organization's total number of: 

  • Total Supporting Backers - the total number of people who have chosen your cause to support.
  • Backers Active - the total number of people who have made purchases/redeemed offers. 
  • Desktop Extension - the total number of backers who have installed the chrome extension.
  • Mobile Extension - the total number of backers who have installed the mobile extension.
  • Cards Linked - the total number of backers with a linked card set up on their Shop to Give account.
  • Purchase - the total percentage of backers who have made a purchase/redeemed an offer.

5. You can also see a list of Most Recent Backers. This box shows you all of your most recent backers including their: 

  • Backer Name 
  • Sign Up - the date on which your backer signed up
  • Email Address - the email address used on the Shop to Give account of your backer.

You can also use the handy link on the upper right to View Backer Tracker.

6. Under the top section, you will see Donation Goal. From this section, you can set a goal for your cause for funds raised, and track your progress to meeting it. Click Reset Goal to adjust the goal.


In the pop-up box, adjust the amount in the set goal amount box on the right and click Set Goal.

7. Review the Performance section. From this section, you can use the options on the top right to switch the data from showing the:


  • Total Donations - All of the donations your cause has received through Shop to Give.
  • Givebacks Donations - The donations earned from the percentage of backers' offers/purchases.
  • Cashback Donations - The donations received from a backer choosing to donate their cashback.

On the left of the Performance box, you can view the total funds.

  • Earned YTD - The total funds your cause has earned through Shop to Give since the beginning of the calendar year (Jan 1st). 
  • Lifetime - The total funds earned by your cause since your cause started with Shop to Give. 


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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