How can I access my organization as a Parent/Donor or Contact?

Recently, MemberHub made a change that adjusts how a Parent/Donor may access the organization. You can now find your access under your profile icon at the top right > my profile. Then scroll down to other organizations > and click the word contact under the organization name for which you would like to visit. As a parent/donor you will not see the organizations listed on the dashboard under the "select your cause" list, but instead find your access here, under your profile icon.

How to access your organization as a Parent/Donor or Contact. 

1. Sign In at

If you are logging in using your organization's site link directly, that's fine. However, you will likely see your cause directly and can skip this process.


2. Click your Profile Icon at the top right and choose my profile from the drop-down.

Your screen may include a "select your organization list" but that list may be missing access to specific organizations. If so, you will find access to those "missing" organizations following the steps laid out in this article. Please go to your profile Icon.

On a Mobile Device, My Profile will be located towards the bottom of your menu on the top right.


3. Scroll down to the bottom, and you will see Other Organizations. Click the word Contact (Or Donor, Hub Admin, etc) under the organization name to visit your organization's site. 


4. All Done! You should now be on your organization's site and can view your Directory, Calendar, or anything else you may need.


Questions? Contact our Support team for assistance. 

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