Understanding the Ordered Items Page

Recently, Givebacks released the Orders Items Page. This is found by going to your Financial Management > Review Orders and clicking the blue > View Order Items. 


Why was the ordered items page created? 

At the time of this release, your orders page export will no longer show you the items purchased within your orders at the cart level. However, the order items page will.


How to find the ordered items page:

1. Login/Visit your site and Click on Financial Management > Review Orders

2. Click on the blue View Ordered Items Page Button. 

What can I do from the view ordered items page? 

The Highlights:

  1. Click the export button and download an export that includes line items for each order purchased.
  2. Sort by order ID to see each item purchased in an order on the table on your screen. 
  3. Sort by Item name, to see items purchased for specific items at a glance.
  4. Filter on all of the above, to only see the purchases matching your specific criteria. Including by a custom field and it's response, making fulfilling orders a dream!
    • Once you have filtered your list, you can click export and receive a downloaded CSV including only that filtered information. 
  5. Bulk fulfill based on line item - check the box next to an order (or many at a time) and click actions > fulfill to easily fulfill specific items in an order.
  6. Scroll to the right and see your custom fields on each item, directly on the screen. 
  7. Click on any row to easily open up the order, just like the orders page.

Questions? Our team is happy to help. Submit a request – Givebacks Help Center



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