Release Notes October 31, 2023

We’ve improved the integration of the Shop to Give program with your site(s), eliminating the need for administrators to manage and login to separate administrative accounts. This consolidation streamlines the workflow and creates a more seamless experience. In addition to minor improvements and bug fixes, the items listed below are now available.

New Shop to Give menu items

There are 3 new pages in the Shop To Give menu:

  • What is Shop to Give: An overview page to learn about the Shop to Give program.
  • Promotion Center: Provides valuable resources to promote the Shop to Give program including shareable links to recruit new backers and promotional resources.
  • Shop to Give metrics: Access information about how many backers you have, how much you’ve earned, and additional data on who your backers are.


District Compliance improvements 

(Note: These improvements apply to our District Customers only and are not applicable to State PTAs.)

  • You can now preview a form prior to publishing that allows you to see what it will look like when published.
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