Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) offers several great ways to keep in touch with your supporters - here's an overview! 


Create beautiful newsletters - no design skills needed.

Engage your community with beautiful email newsletters. You'll get an an easy drag-and-drop editor, a free searchable image library and prewritten emails for fundraisers, and data on opens, clicks & unsubscribes. You'll cut down email fatigue by targeting your messages to individuals, classes, grade levels, clubs, teams, committees, and more.

Easily collaborate with other leaders in the cloud to create & approve newsletters - and archive them for reuse next year. The sender shown on your email newsletters will be the name of your organization.  Recipients cannot reply to newsletters. Because of this configuration, each newsletter you send will contain an unsubscribe link.

Newsletters are also saved on a Public Webpage, so you can share them however you like.

How to Create a newsletter


Send quick and easy email messages to people and hubs.

When you view your messages section, you will only see messages that you have sent.  (Think of it as your sent email folder).  Recipients of your message will get an email and/or text message as applicable.  The "sender" of a message is the email address of the logged in user who sends the message.  Replies can be sent to the sender via email. 

How to Send Messages


Upload your documents & photos and keep them organized all in one place. 

If you have pictures or files you would like to share with members of your hub, you can upload them in a Hub Folder. This is a safe and secure way for you to share files and photos, rather than posting them in a public social networking site.

Instructions to Upload Files and Photos


Highlight your cause with a website, no experience necessary.

Easily create a public website for your organization, with templates and customizable pages.  Your website is integrated with your organization’s Givebacks account - so you can automatically feature officers, upcoming events, fundraisers, and e-store items. 

How to Set Up Your Website


Meetings, events & volunteers are simple to manage.

Create an event and invite everyone, certain contacts, or certain hubs. Anyone can access event invites on a public page and RSVP and specify their number of attendees. Export your information to take with you to the event. Your organization's calendar is filterable by hub, and events display automatically on your Givebacks website.

How to Create a Calendar Event


Create virtual signup sheets through our best-in-class partner,

You'll get:

  • Unlimited emails  

  • Unlimited participants & signups  

  • No passwords for participants  

  • 1,500+ theme combinations  

  • Mobile-friendly signups  

  • Lock a day  

  • Quick multiday copy  

  • Swift shift scheduling  

  • Simple shift swap (for participants)  

  • Sort, archive & favorite signups

  • Add links from Dropbox & Google Drive  

  • Social media sharing  

  • Upload images & logos  

  • Calendar sync & embed  

  • Email delivery tracking  

  • Import & store your contacts  

  • Custom notification options  

  • Free iPad app: Clipboard  

  • Teacher sharing  

  • Advanced messaging

Instructions to Create a Signup


Join Hubs

Browse the list of hubs (groups) to join and easily collaborate with shared files, events, and messages.



Create and manage hubs for all your groups like committees, classes, and teams.  Hubs management is only available to organization administrators or hub administrators.

Instructions for Hub Administrators



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  • My photo album is currently named "Hub."
    How can I change the name to "Beyond The Walls" instead?
    Thank you.

  • Hi Fatima. Click on the photo album and then click on Edit at the top under the photo album name.


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