Main Calendar: Use for Org-Wide Events

Each site has a Main Calendar.

Here are some key points about it:

  • Its purpose is two-fold. Not only does it serve as a combined calendar view, where members can see events from all their hubs in one place, but administrators can also add events to this calendar that are pertinent to the entire organization.

 Main Calendar event reminders go to everyone in the organization

  • Main Calendar events show up in BLACK
  • By default, only site administrators can add events to the Main Calendar

Add an event by clicking the blue new event button on the upper left. Then fill in the form.

  • Name the event
  • Enter a description of the event
  • Choose the add the event to the organization calendar and optionally choose for it to be a public event, where no login is required for a user to see the event and RSVP.
  • Edit the date, time, and location
  • Pick the attendees
  • Don't forget to click Save in the upper right when done


  • By default, users will only see main calendar events.
  • To view hub events (that aren't added to the organization calendar), use the Filter by Hub option
  • For hub-specific events, only members of the hub will receive the event notifications, but publishing the hub event to the Main Calendar helps members in the entire organization see that the event is taking place.

** To show your events on your Events Page in your Website, be sure to select Add to Organization calendar and Public Event options.

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