Here are a few of the common reasons why you would be unable to access your Givebacks (Formerly MemberHub) site and solutions.

Unsure of Password

  •  If you have logged into Givebacks before and created a password, you most likely will have to reset your password if you are not able to log in. You can find directions on how Here.


Other login issues:

  • You do not have a profile or organization not found:
    This error indicate's that you have not been added into your organization's database.  Reach out to your organization's executive board or submit a Givebacks support request for additional assistance.



  • Invalid Email or password
    Use the Reset Password link to reset your password.
  • User has not completed signup
    All users must complete the signup step before logging in.  Click Sign up and continue from step 2 at this link.
  • Could not find account
    If you did not get an email, confirmation instructions can only be sent after the Sign Up step has been completed.  Begin at step 1 at this link.
  • User has not confirmed their email
    Click Resend, enter email address to send the confirmation email, then check your email to confirm your Givebacks account.
  • Email has already been taken
    If you did not receive an email, A Givebacks account has already been created for this user.  Try logging in or resetting password if you are not sure of your password.  2022-05-12_13-00-19.png

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