Each hub on your site will have different purposes and needs, so each hub comes with its own individual settings. There are many things you can adjust/edit in the settings.

To get to the hub settings, under the Contacts Menu, click Manage Hubs & Hub Contacts.  From the list of hubs, click the 3 dots to the right of the hub and click Hub Settings.  



Click the gear icon when viewing the list of Hub Contacts.  


Once you are in the settings section, you will see the following options:

Hub Details

  • Parent Hub - will this be a hub within a hub?  An example of this would be a hub for parents within a specific class which would already be within a specific grade hub.  
  • Hub Name - You can edit the Name of the Hub from when it was originally created. 

Hub Contacts Permissions - will you allow hub contacts the ability to send messages and create events for other contacts in the hub?  If so, check this box to allow all contacts this ability.  If you prefer only Hub Admin to be able to contact others in the hub or create events for the hub, leave this box unchecked. 

Hub Directory Filtering - do you want your contacts to be able to view a list of people in this hub?  If so, check this box.  This can be really helpful to create Classroom list or other groupings visible in your directory.

Hub Join Settings

  • Hide Hub from Non Admin Users: the hub will only be visible to site admin.  Users will not be able to find the hub to join unless they are a site admin.
  • Allow any person in organization to join this hub: users will be able to join the hub on their own without submitting a request under Communications>Join Hubs
  • Allow any person in organization to request to join this hub: users will be able to send a request to join the hub but won't be added to the hub until the request is approved. Hub admin can go here to see how to accept hub join requests. 
  • If the hub will be open, put a hub description so that contacts will know what your hub is for before they join. 

Once your hub is no longer active, you may archive the hub as well from the Hub Settings page. 




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