Within the Files and Photos section. You can store documents, forms, spreadsheets, study guides, music files, PDF's, photos or any type of file you need to share with other members.

Follow these steps to upload Files or Photos

1. Navigate to your Communications Menu on the left and then click Share Files/Photos. 



2. Once in the Files and Photos section you can:

  • Choose to upload a file directly by clicking the add file button
  • Choose to create a new folder by clicking the add folder link on the top left
  • Click an existing folder to open it and view existing files or add more files to it



 3. Under the Add a file button, click add file again to find your file on your device. Choose whether you want the file to be public and viewable by anyone not logged in, or private will mean a user needs to be logged in to view.


4. Back on the main files and photos screen, you can click the 3 dots next to any files/folders to:

  • View Preview
  • Download
  • Edit Properties 
  • or Archive the file/folder


5. Edit Properties - Here you can:

  • Adjust a file name
  • Add a note about the file
  • Adjust if the file is public or private



Follow these steps to Download Files or Photos

- Click the 3 dots next to any files/photos to download



- Bulk Download by clicking the check box by the files you want to download and select Download from the actions at the top of the table.  




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