How do I Manage Prizes in a Crowdfunding Campaign?

To manage prizes, first check the boxes for individual and team prizes in Campaign Details under the “Peer To Peer'' section. Go to Team Prizes / Participant Prizes and click Create a Prize. Enter the prize details and save. You can create multiple team and individual prizes. 

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Enable Prizes

In Campaign Details go to the Peer To Peer section to check the boxes for individual and/or team prizes. Click Save & Continue

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Create Prizes

You will see new tabs on the left side menu. Go to Team Prizes to create prizes that will be awarded to the entire team. Go to Participant Prizes to create prizes that will be awarded to individual participants. Click Create a Prize. You can create multiple team and individual prizes.

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Creating Prizes

Fill in the prize details

  • Award prizes to the teams / individuals who - Decide if this prize will be awarded to the team who reaches a campaign goal or raises the most money. 
  • Prize Title - Enter an engaging title for the prize.
  • How prizes are awarded - Define the goal based on the type of prize selected. 
    • Achieve a campaign goal: Enter a campaign goal.
    • Raise the most money: Enter the number of teams / individuals to be awarded this prize.
  • Prize Description - Provide a detailed description of the prize.
  • Prize Image - Upload a captivating image for the prize. The optimal image dimensions are 600 x 300 pixels.

Note: You can sort prizes from the list of prizes. Use the handles on the left side to click and drag to rearrange the order.


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