How do I use Custom Sections for Sponsors and FAQs with Crowdfunding

You can create Custom Sections for Sponsors, FAQs, or to share more information that you want separated from your main Campaign Description. Go to Campaign Page Design and scroll to Custom Sections. Click Create a Custom Section. 

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Custom Sections

Campaign Page Design - At the bottom of the second campaign editing screen, you will find Custom Sections.

Custom Section - Click the words "Create a Custom Section" within the Custom Sections area.

Add Sponsor Information - Enter details about your sponsors, such as their names, any additional information or acknowledgments, and links to external sites. 

Create FAQ Entries - Add frequently asked questions related to your campaign's purpose, goals, rewards, or any other relevant queries.

  • Provide clear and concise answers to each question to assist potential supporters.

Save and Arrange FAQs and Sponsors - Save the FAQ entries and sponsors then arrange them in a logical sequence or order for easy reference.

Preview - After adding FAQ and Sponsor information, save the changes to incorporate the custom section into your campaign page.

  • Preview the campaign page to ensure the FAQ and Sponsor sections are displayed correctly and reflects the added information.


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