How to Collect Donor Information Using Custom Fields with Crowdfunding

To collect donor information using custom fields in your Crowdfunding campaign, finish your Campaign Details then go to Donation Settings. 

If your fundraiser experience doesn't match the descriptions below please click here to go to the appropriate help article.

Donation Settings

Required Fields At Checkout - The required fields for checkout are:

  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Credit Card Info

Add Additional Fields - You can add additional custom fields for gathering specific information during checkout.

  • Click the "+ Add" Button.
    • This will add a new Field Name.
    • There a few auto field names that will appear when you begin typing. (e.g. Phone Number and Mailing Address)
  • Set the field as required or optional based on the importance of the information.

Sort Custom Fields - Once you have added the additional fields, then arrange them in a logical sequence or order for easy reference.

Save & Continue - Click the "Save & Continue" button to go to the next page.

Test Donation Form - Preview the updated donation form to ensure that the custom fields are displayed correctly.

  • Test the donation process to verify that donor information is being collected as intended.

Analyze Collected Information - Regularly access the collected donor information through the platform's dashboard or reporting tools.

  • Use the collected data for communication, updates, and building relationships with donors.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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