How to Customize Your Crowdfunding URL

To customize your Crowdfunding URL, finish your Campaign Details then go to Campaign Page Links. 

Campaign Page Links

Edit Custom URL - In the bottom right corner of the Campaign Page Links editing page, click the "Edit Custom URL" button.

  • Enter a unique and easy-to-remember name or phrase relevant to your campaign. 
  • This will update the "unique-identifier" path in all of the links mentioned below.

Check URL Availability - Ensure the custom URL you've entered is available and not already in use by another campaign.

  • The system may prompt you if the chosen URL is already taken or provide suggestions for available alternatives.

Save Changes - Once you've entered your desired custom URL and verified its availability, save the changes or confirm the customization.

Test and Share - Click on the updated or customized URL to test its functionality and ensure it directs to your campaign page.

  • Share the customized URL across social media, emails, or promotional materials to attract supporters to your campaign.

Campaign Page Link

Purpose: The campaign page serves as a central hub for sharing campaign details, registration links, participant centers, and donation options.

URL Format:{your-organization}/campaigns/{unique-identifier}


  • Share this link on your website or in emails to direct supporters to the campaign's main information page.

Participant Center Link

Purpose: The Participant Center provides comprehensive details for Participants and Teams, including leaderboards and prizes (if enabled).

URL Format:{your-organization}/campaigns/{unique-identifier}/participant-center


  • Encourage Participants to visit this page to track their progress, engage with leaderboards, and drive donations.

Registration Link

Purpose: The registration link directly leads to the registration form for Participants.

URL Format:{your-campaign}/campaigns/{unique-identifier}/participant-center/register


  • Use this link to invite individuals to register for participation in the campaign.


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