How to Customize Your Crowdfunding URL

To customize your Crowdfunding URL, finish your Campaign Details then go to Campaign Page Links. 

If your fundraiser experience doesn't match the descriptions below please click here to go to the appropriate help article.

Campaign Page Links

Edit Custom URL - In the bottom right corner of the Campaign Page Links editing page, click the "Edit Custom URL" button.

  • Enter a unique and easy-to-remember name or phrase relevant to your campaign. 
  • This will update the "unique-identifier" path in all of the links mentioned below.

Check URL Availability - Ensure the custom URL you've entered is available and not already in use by another campaign.

  • The system may prompt you if the chosen URL is already taken or provide suggestions for available alternatives.

Save Changes - Once you've entered your desired custom URL and verified its availability, save the changes or confirm the customization.

Test and Share - Click on the updated or customized URL to test its functionality and ensure it directs to your campaign page.

  • Share the customized URL across social media, emails, or promotional materials to attract supporters to your campaign.

Campaign Page Link

Purpose: The campaign page serves as a central hub for sharing campaign details, registration links, participant centers, and donation options.

URL Format:{your-organization}/campaigns/{unique-identifier}


  • Share this link on your website or in emails to direct supporters to the campaign's main information page.

Participant Center Link

Purpose: The Participant Center provides comprehensive details for Participants and Teams, including leaderboards and prizes (if enabled).

URL Format:{your-organization}/campaigns/{unique-identifier}/participant-center


  • Encourage Participants to visit this page to track their progress, engage with leaderboards, and drive donations.

Registration Link

Purpose: The registration link directly leads to the registration form for Participants.

URL Format:{your-campaign}/campaigns/{unique-identifier}/participant-center/register


  • Use this link to invite individuals to register for participation in the campaign.


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