How do I create District Compliance Form Submission Notifications?

As an officer within your organization, you may want people who are not listed as signers on compliance forms, to be notified when submissions are received. Submission Notifications is how you can allow this. To add a notification, go to Settings on the toolbar, then select Notifications.

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Adding Submission Notifications 

1. From the toolbar, select Settings then Notifications.

2. Click Add Notifications.

3. Enter the email address of the user you wish to receive the notification and choose Compliance Forms as the Notification Type.

4. In the Subscribe to Submissions section you can check the Subscribe to all submissions box to enable this person to receive a notification anytime any form is submitted or Select a compliance submission from the drop-down menu to enable this person to receive submission notifications when only the selected form is submitted.


  • You can add multiple specific forms by clicking the Add New button to add another drop-down for each specific form you would like the person to receive notifications for.
  • Click the trashcan icon to remove specific forms listed, so the person no longer receives notifications from that form.

5. Click Create to set up the notification.

6. The person you subscribe will need to confirm they want to receive the notifications. They will receive an email asking them to click a link to confirm they want to receive notifications of submissions.

7. Once the email is confirmed, they are all set. They will start receiving notification emails when a form they are subscribed to is submitted. The emails will include a link to the list of submissions. The submissions can only be viewed, not approved or rejected.


Removing or Editing a Previously Created Notification Subscription

1. Go to Settings, then select Notifications. Click the 3 dots next to a Subscription, then click Edit Notification

2. You can change the forms set for notification and resend the confirmation email if needed. 

3. If someone who is set up to receive notifications no longer wants to receive them, you can click Unsubscribe from under the 3 dots menu or within the edit notification screen to remove them from receiving notifications in the future.

Good To Know:

  • The site where the notifications are set up will determine which forms the person will receive notifications for. For example:
    • If you want a person to receive notifications of a submitted form for all schools and organizations in a district, create the notification on the District Givebacks site.
    • If you want a person to receive notifications of a submitted form from a certain school and that school's SSO's, create the notification on the school's Givebacks site. 
    • If you want a person to receive notifications of a submitted form from a certain SSO, create the notification on the SSO's Givebacks site. 

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