Extras are products or perks that can be added to a campaign, giving donors more ways to give. Extras can be used for sponsorship levels, t-shirts, and other items for purchase. Extras are added under Campaign Details during campaign setup.

Turning on extras for a campaign

Extras can be added during the campaign setup process under General Details. 

1. From the toolbar on the left, go to Campaign Details.

2. Scroll to the General Details section and check the box labeled "Yes, this experience will have."

3. Use the dropdown box to select the name for your Extra. Selecting Other will allow you to create a custom name for your Extra.


Setting up Extras

Once you have enabled Extras, a tab for Extras appears on the toolbar.

1. From the toolbar on the left, select Extras.

2. Click Create an Extra.

3. Complete the fields in the Create an Extra box to set up the Extra.

  • Extra Name - Enter the name of the Extra. (i.e. T-Shirt, Gold sponsorship, color packet)
  • Extra Price - The amount you are charging for the Extra.
  • Extra Description - A brief description of the Extra.
  • Upload an Extra image - A photo of the Extra.

4. If you need to add additional fields to your Extra, select Advanced Settings and click the + Add button. (For example, if you are selling a T-Shirt, you can add a field for the donor to indicate the size they need.)

5. Enter a field name and select the field type.

  • Text Area - allows free-form text to be entered.
  • Mailing Address - requires a mailing address to be entered.
  • Numeric Input - requires a number to be entered.
  • Currency Input - requires a number in currency format to be entered.
  • Selection List - allows you to create a list from which the donor can choose.

6. You may continue to add additional fields by clicking the +Add button.

7. Click Save when done. 


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