How To Add Family Members To Contacts

To create and edit Families, first, go to your contacts by clicking Contacts>Manage Contacts on the left menu.


Click the 3 dots to the right of the contact and click view profile.


Click add family under the profile picture on the right.



Enter the last name of your family.

Once you do, it brings you to this page where to can click the plus sign to add family members.



Fill in the add a contact form to add a contact attached to your family.

Note: this works for new contacts to your site and adding existing contacts

  • Choose the contacts role from the drop-down
  • Choose if you want their profile to expire
  • Enter the email address, first and last name and phone number
  • Optional: Choose to add the contact to a family 
  • Optional: Add a note to your email inviting the contact

Don't forget to click save when you are done!




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