If you need to edit a contact's information such as an address, phone number or even their name, you can do so following these steps.


1. Click Contacts>Manage Contacts on the left menu.

2. Click the 3 dots next to the contact and click view profile.


3. On the profile click the edit button and then change the appropriate boxes for the information.  Some fields may require you to make a suggestion to the contact to make the changes.  See Suggest a profile edit for more details.


Note: You are only able to edit a contact's email address if they have not yet claimed their account. If a contact needs to change an email address, they can do so in their profile. Edit Your Profile, Your Family and Your Account. If you need further assistance updating a contact's email address contact us at support@memberhub.com 

If you see a green check mark by their name, this indicates that the user has claimed their Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) account. 



From their profile page, you can also edit their photo, adjust the family members, and view the membership card.


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