Unit Dues Payments -- Enter Manual Payment - For State Leaders

There might be situations where a unit needs to mail you a paper check, instead of using the echeck/ACH process in State Payments, for example, to pay dues from a previous year. To correctly account for these payments and memberships, these checks must be entered manually.

Note: If a unit is showing a past due balance for last year's members, it might be because they sent a paper check outside of Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) that wasn't manually entered. Scroll down for advice on how to reconcile old payments not recorded in Givebacks.

How to Enter Manual Payments

  1. Go to Compliance Manager > Unit Dues Payments > Add Dues Payment
    Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 1.51.51 PM.png
  2. Click Select Organization
  3. Click on the Unit you wish to select
  4. School Year (defaults to current year)
    • If dues are being recorded for a previous year, make sure to change it in the drop down.
  5. Date Received 
    • The date entered in this field determines when the members are reported to National PTA, as per the date range selected on the National Report in PTA Manager > Reports.
    • See the section below for How to Reconcile Old Manual Payments.
  6. Member Count
    • Enter the number of members paid for on the check.
    • The amount of the check will be automatically calculated as the number of members times the current state/national dues amount.
  7. Reference Number
    • Enter the check number or other reference information.
    • This field should NOT be left blank.
  8. Click Save.

Note: After entering checks, it is recommended to view the Membership Overview report to see if any units are currently showing a credit for memberships. If a unit has a credit, there are a few possibilities that should be addressed.

  1. They paid twice for the same members (by echeck and/or manual payments) or members were voided for which they already paid.
    • If it is early in the year and more members are expected to be entered, the credit will automatically be applied to new members added to the unit.
    • If needed, follow your policy on refunding overpayments.
  2. A payment was entered twice in error.
    1. To void one of the extra payments, click the X for the payment on the right side. 
  3. Members were not entered by the unit, as required.
      • A state, region, district or council leader should contact the unit leaders to make sure they have access to their site and provide training.


How to Reconcile Old Manual Payments (not recorded in Givebacks)

If a payment was received but not entered in Unit Dues Payments, it is likely that the unit is showing a balance due for memberships, which can be seen on the Membership Overview report. If all manual payments are recorded going forward, this reconciliation should only need to be done one time.

  1. Go to Compliance Manager > Reporting > Membership Overview
  2. Select the appropriate year and Export to CSV to your computer.
  3. Open the CSV in your spreadsheet program (i.e. Excel, Google Sheets, etc.) and sort by Member Count Due (descending/largest to smallest).
  4. If you used a different database to record the number of paid members for each unit, use that to compare against the Member Dues Received Count.
    • If your other report shows more paid members than the Member Dues Received Count, manually enter payments for those units into Unit Dues Payments with the appropriate year,  received date, and check number.
    • If a unit had a Member Count Due equal to the Registered Member Count, they have not processed any payments through Givebacks.
      • A state, region, district or council leader should contact the unit leaders to make sure they have access to their site and provide training.
    • If a unit had paid for some but not all members through Givebacks, it is likely they were in transition, and as long as they are now using the State Payments feature, no additional training should be necessary.
  5. After manually entering any missing payments in Unit Dues Payments, re-run and download the Membership Overview report.
    • If there are still any units showing a Member Count Due, it would appear they have not yet paid for those members, so they should be contacted by the appropriate person as needed.
    • If a unit is showing a Member Count Credit for a prior year, there is no action needed and no message will appear on their State Payments page.


Important: When manually entering payments for a prior year's memberships, make sure to change the year in the drop down and enter the appropriate received date, depending on whether or not you already paid National PTA for those members. If you already paid national, make sure to set the check received date as it was recorded in your other database or at least before June 30th of that school year. If you still need to pay national for those members, make sure to set the check received date as today so it will be included in this months national report.

Please review this video when recording previous year dues payments.  



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