Buying a community offer product/service in your organization's Givebacks store saves you money and makes money for the organization.

You don't need a login to purchase a coupon/offer. 

1. Visit your organization's Givebacks store. 

2. Click on the Product Fundraisers tab.

3. Browse the deals and add one or more to your cart by selecting an offer and then click Buy Now, Give as Gift, or Add to Cart. Some offers may have multiple deals so choose the one you want by selecting the checkmark next to the deal.

4. Go to the cart to review your items. Then enter your name and email, as well as Credit Card info. The email you enter is where you'll receive your itemized receipt and a separate offer redemption email for each offer purchased. Be sure your email is correct and valid. 

5. Click Place Order.

6. When you're ready to redeem, access the email for the offer that you purchased. Redemption instructions will be included. For more information on how to redeem click here.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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