Redeem a Product Fundraisers sponsored product

Once you've purchased an offer or coupon from your Givebacks store, redemption is easy.  

Redeeming a Product Fundraisers Offer

1. When you're ready to redeem the offer, access the email containing your sponsored product. The subject of the email should say: Redeem Your Product Fundraisers Purchase - [name of purchased offer]. 

Didn't receive your Redemption Email? Email

2. If your purchase is for a local offer and only valid at a specific location(s), the location(s) will be listed in the email and on the voucher. Your offer may not contain any restrictions.


3. Review any redemption instructions, and/or fine print. This will also be listed on your voucher.


4. Click Redeem Your Product Fundraiser, to view and redeem the Product Fundraisers offer voucher.  The email is NOT the voucher.


5. Follow the Redemption Instructions on the Voucher Page. Depending on the offer purchased, you may need to present the voucher in person, by email, or redeem it on the merchant's website. The Redemption Instructions will tell you step by step how to redeem.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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