Centralize your fundraising at a branded Supporter Center

Learn how to give your supporters a single place to become and stay involved with your organization’s fundraising efforts through a branded support center. 

When you register your organization through Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) Fundraiser, we’ll provide you with a built-in supporter center for coordinating all your fundraising activities. 

Your Supporter Center includes:

  • An eye-catching page you can customize with your organization’s exclusive branding
  • A description of your organization, cause, and mission
  • A listing of all your fundraisers
  • An optional donate button for people to directly donate to your organization
  • An easy process for people to create fundraisers on your behalf


In this article, we’ll share some of the best ways to utilize your supporter center as well as optional customization features you can use to enhance the fundraising experience. 

The supporter center is included free of charge when you register your organization on Givebacks Fundraisers. There’s no setup required. Simply go to your home page and click supporter center in the left menu to begin using it. 


We’ve provided default settings to get you started, but feel free to explore the setup and customize the page to match your organization’s branding. (We’ll cover more details on customization under the heading “How to edit your supporter center,” below.)

The supporter center has been designed to provide value for every type of organization. It’s a public page that’s meant to be shared within your supporter community.

For nonprofit organizations of every size

Many organizations have information on their websites detailing the ways to support the organization. The supporter center offers you a way to accomplish that. By directing these supporters to your supporter center, you’ll provide a simple and immediate way for them to view your current fundraisers and donate to your organization. 

For example, you could have a ‘Ways to Donate’ button on your website that takes supporters to your supporter center on Givebacks Fundraisers. From there, people can make a donation to your organization through any of the fundraisers listed. They can even start a fundraiser of their own to benefit your organization.

If your organization doesn’t have a website, you can use your supporter center as your own home page, with a free built-in donation page, fundraising capabilities and description of your organization. 

For your school, team or club

Schools have many unique communities including sports teams, classrooms, clubs, and more. Often these groups need to raise their own funds to support their initiatives and activities.

Your school’s supporter center can be used as a central hub through which each of these groups can easily set up and run their own fundraisers for their community.

Leaders from any of these groups can visit the school’s supporter center to start a fundraiser for their group. Parents can also visit the page to donate to their student’s fundraiser.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) portals

Companies often have employee giving pages that allow the workforce to get involved in company-wide charitable activities. Your supporter center provides a place for your company to list the fundraisers that employees can get involved in, and even allows them to start their own fundraiser.


There are many ways to customize your supporter center to fit your organization’s unique needs. 

How to edit your Supporter Center:

  1. Click supporter center in the left menu.
  2. From here you can customize the look of your page including the images, text and colors on the page.
  3. Click save at the bottom of the page when you are done.

You can customize the URL of your supporter center to match your organization’s domain (e.g. donate.myorganization.org). Setting your URL gives your supporter center a cohesive and truly branded appearance.

All supporter centers get a starting URL in the following format: 

  • app.memberhub.gives/home/[abc123]

You can customize the “[abc123]” part of that URL in supporter center setup

Use a custom domain for your Supporter Center

The branding settings for your organization allow you use a custom domain. If you’ve already set one up, that URL will be used for your supporter center. 

For example, if you’ve set up the subdomain “myorganization.memberhub.gives,” that will also be the URL of your supporter center.

To use your organization’s own domain, find out how to set up a custom domain here. While this setup option does include more advanced steps, it will provide you with a completely custom URL. Once set up, this custom domain will be the URL of your supporter center.

If you have any questions about your supporter center or its setup, just message us or send an email to support@givebacks.com and we’ll be happy to help!

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