We've put together a list of everything you need to know for running a successful online A-Thon experience.

1. Promote your a-thon and get momentum

To begin making progress towards your fundraising goals, you’ll need to get your a-thon in front of as many people as possible. Sharing your fundraiser with the greatest number of potential donors increases exposure and may make others more likely to share your cause with people in their network, too. There are many strategies you can use to promote your fundraiser, but we’ve compiled a list of our best tips here.

2. Keep your supporters engaged

Your communication with your donors shouldn’t end once they’ve contributed to your cause. You can keep them engaged throughout your fundraiser’s duration with status updates and other newsworthy info. Click here to learn how to keep them in the loop.

3. Be responsive to your donors

Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) has made it simple for supporters to email you directly with questions from your experience page. This facilitates a strong relationship among donors and experience managers, which we believe is important to any fundraiser’s success. Be sure to reply so you don’t miss out on any inquiries regarding donations or other important matters.

4. Enter the activity results

A-thon fundraisers work by having donors sign up for per-unit pledges (i.e., per mile, lap, and so forth). This means you’ll need to log the activity results for each participant so that per-unit pledges can be calculated at the end of your fundraiser. Find out how to enter activity at the end of your fundraising period here.

5. Finalize your fundraiser and charge donors

After you’ve logged your activity results, you’re ready to finalize your A-Thon fundraiser. Once you do so, your donors will be charged for their per-unit pledges. Be sure all activity results are entered before you finalize!

6. Utilize your experience’s donor data

After your experience has ended, you’ll have a wealth of valuable information you can use to help plan and promote another fundraiser. We’ve made it simple to export donor data and add it to your CRM and mailing lists. Find out how to access this report in a few simple steps here.

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