Product Fundraisers is a passive fundraising program that helps you meet your fundraising goals, and delights parents with savings! It's simple: You feature special offers on family-oriented products and services in your Givebacks online store, and your organization gets up to 20% of all sales donated back. Learn about Product Fundraisers.

To get started with Product Fundraisers, follow these steps.

1. Click Store Management on the left menu and then select Subscribe to Product Fundraisers

2. This will bring you to the Settings Page. Click the Subscribe button.

3. After you subscribe, you can choose your settings. You can select whether to Automatically highlight products in your store and send weekly notifications to your shoppers. Additionally, we recommend sharing information about your product fundraisers on social media or via an email post. How do I introduce Product Fundraisers to my supporters?

4. You can then click Select Product Fundraisers within the Store Management menu on the left side. 

5. If you want to place an offer in your Product Fundraisers store, just click the offer and then choose to Add to store


 Good To Know:

  • You must add your organization's address to set up Product Fundraisers/find local offers. Usually, this will be completed for you, but if you notice your organization address is unchecked on your store setup checklist of the home page, go to SettingsOrganization Settings.
  • The best way to let your organization know about your online store is by sending a Newsletter from your Communications dashboard.
  • Your unit will get up to 20% of all Product Fundraisers sales donated back, just for subscribing and placing offers in your online store!
  • Shoppers can find all Product Fundraisers in your online store in the Product Fundraisers section.
  • Have a business you want to see a Product Fundraiser for? Refer them to us by contacting Givebacks Support.
  • Find the instructions for redeeming an offer here.

Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.


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