How do I create a donation product in the Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) store

In your Givebacks store, it's never been easier to collect donations. 

To add a donation product to the store, please follow these steps:

1. From the Store Management menu, select Manage Products

2. Click New Product on the top right. 


3. Name and describe your donation. Include examples of what your PTA does for your children, school, and community, so people have a good understanding of where their money is going. 

4. Enter a price. Select the option to "Allow shopper to enter a custom price" and then enter a minimum price for the donation.

5. Choose the category the item should be in, in your store.


6. Capture more info from buyers. Use Additional Fields to capture buyer data in your order reporting. (Example, child grade level). You can use the buttons to add colors or sizes or click Add option to the right to add other choices for the info to collect. 

7. Choose to turn on Inventory tracking (or leave it off). The inventory feature allows you to keep a running total of the number of an item sold, and also have an item no longer be able to be purchased when Inventory runs out. You can learn more about Inventory tracking here.

8. Adjust the store visibility of the product. Choose to make your item live on a certain date or hide the item on a certain date.

9. Give your shoppers a visual. Images create an emotional connection with your visitors and encourage them to donate.


 10. When you're done, go back to the top and click Save on the upper right. You can edit your item or hide it from the store at any time. Share your school store link with your school community to raise awareness and encourage donations!


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