How to add Products to your store

To add a product to the store, please follow these steps:

1. Within the Store Management menu, select Manage Products

2. Click New Product on the top right. 


3. Enter the Required Information: Name, Short Description, Long Description and Price. Here's how to let shoppers name their own price.


5. Select a Category.  Create as many categories as you would like in your store using this guide.  Category information is included in Order reports and Payout reports to help sort and reconcile payments.

6. Capture more info from buyers. Use Additional Fields to capture buyer data in your order reporting. (Example, child grade level). You can use the buttons to add colors or sizes or click Add option to the right to add other choices for the info to collect.  

7. Choose to turn on Inventory tracking (or leave it off). The inventory feature allows you to keep a running total of the number of an item sold, and also have an item no longer be able to be purchased when Inventory runs out. You can learn more about Inventory tracking here.

8. Adjust the store visibility of the product. Choose to make your item live on a certain date or hide the item on a certain date.

9. Give your shoppers a visual. Images create an emotional connection with your visitors and encourage them to donate.

For the best image display, we recommend 600w x 400h px. You may wish to avoid uploading anything bigger than 1200w x 800h to preserve page performance.

10. When you're done, go back to the top and click Save on the upper right. You can edit your item or hide it from the store at any time. 



** Note: You can also manage your item's visibility and available dates from the products page.

MH Store and MH Pay (this will be used when MH Pay 2.0 is released and columns reflect whether items are available for purchase in the respective stores.  You can also preset dates for the item to become available or expire from your store.  

Click the icon in either column and a box appears to adjust the available dates. You can enter an expiration date in the past, to hide the item or enter an available date in the future for the item to be available.



*** To Choose the Order products are displayed in your live store, use the Sort feature.






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